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Waterfront Property For Sale by Owner:

               1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 acre

Undivided interest in 5,735 acres - Texas Gulf Coast:

  • Island - miles long

  • Sandy beaches

  • Bay waterfront

  • Gulf of Mexico waterfront

  • Private airstrip           



My Texas beach:    

Prices starting around $2,500

Island Showing Beach

















Port O'Conner Map








Where is the property located?

The property is located on the Texas Gulf coast.  Miles of sandy beaches line the waterfront making it a great place to take a family for fishing, relaxation, and coastal enjoyment.  Port O'Connor, Texas is approximately 4 miles from the island beachfront property, and the location is 25 miles from Matagorda, Texas.  Recognized as a hot-spot for coastal saltwater fishing and home to the world famous Poco Bueno fishing tournament, Port O'Connor is only minutes away by boat.  Port O'Connor features beach condos, boating & fishing supplies, local stores, restaurants, and more. 

  • Miles of sandy beach
  • Bay and Gulf waterfront
  • Private airstrip
    The yellow highlighted area in the image above shows the approximate location of the property from a long-distance aerial view - the legal property description should be referenced for specifics.  The property extends Northeast from a part of the island near Pass Cavallo and includes land on both sides of a channel that connects the gulf to the bay.  The land mass from Pass Cavallo to the channel is an Island miles long.  The channel is seen in the image above as water that divides the two yellow highlighted areas.  This channel is a popular fishing area especially around the jetties extending from the peninsula into the gulf.  The private airstrip on the property is also noted above. 
    Whether you like to deep sea fish, just boat ride, lay in the sun on a beach, or go fishing for bay trout or redfish, the property is a great place to relax and enjoy the coast.  The property has gulf and bay waterfront, and beaches extend for miles

    Contact information      

    Serious inquiries only please:


    Phone:  (713) 254-5500

  • Other pictures and information:                                                 

    Private Airstrip






















    Private Airstrip                                                     

    This picture shows the private airstrip located on the property.  From this view, the bay is on the left in the background and the Gulf of Mexico is on the right.  The airstrip is located approximately 2 miles Northeast of the channel that connects the Gulf of Mexico and the bay. 

    The photo inset shows a view of the airstrip from a higher elevation.   





    Island With Beaches - Boat

    Pass Cavallo and The Island 

    This is a view of the island looking toward the Northeast from Pass Cavallo near Port O'Connor.  The island extends up to the channel that connects the bay and the gulf.  The bay is on the left and the Gulf of Mexico is on the right.  The beaches along the property extend for miles.     

    A boat is in the foreground near the beach in Pass Cavallo.  This end of the island is known by local residents as Decros Point.  Houses are seen in the background on the beachfront.   



    Pass Cavallo

    This aerial view of Pass Cavallo shows the Gulf of Mexico in the background.  Taken from a vantage point toward the gulf, Decros Point is located to the left.  Port O'Connor is approximately 4 miles from this location and accessible by boat. 






















    Houses on The Island:

    The picture above shows houses located on the island.  The channel can be seen in the background in this photo.   The Airstrip is located on the property beyond the channel approximately 2 miles.

























    Channel Through The Property:

    This picture shows the channel that goes through the property.  The jetties can be seen extending toward the gulf and the area is a popular fishing spot for saltwater anglers.  From this view, the island & Decros Point is to the right, and the private airstrip is to the left.  























    Beach Houses on The Island:

    The picture above shows several houses located on the island near the beachfront.  Decros Point and Pass Cavallo can be seen in the background.  This area around Port O'Connor is known for great saltwater fishing.  Trout and redfish are abundant in the bay and along the property.   





    Boat Fishing Near Port O'Conner
















    Decros Point and Pass Cavallo:

    This aerial view of Pass Cavallo and Decros Point shows a boat in the background and a boat near the beach.  Port O'Connor is minutes away by water and the picture shows a boat in Pass Cavallo saltwater fishing. 


























    Homes on The Island:

    The picture above shows homes located on the island waterfront.  Decros Point and Pass Cavallo are in the background.  The channel through the property is just over a mile from this location.





    Beach on Island



















    Beach on the Gulf of Mexico:

    This sandy beach on the island shows the channel in the background.  The gulf is on the right and the bay is in the background on the left.  Houses can be seen on the island in several locations.  This beach is near Pass Cavallo and is minutes away from Port O'Connor by water.  Local saltwater guide fishing is popular here with some of the best fishing along the Texas coast.  

    Contact information      

    Serious inquiries only please:


    Phone:  (713) 254-5500

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